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CNA, QMA, and Insulin Administration Classes are Active! Medical Assistant, and Phlebotomy Coming Soon.

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with Hands-On Clinicals at an Approved
Long-Term Care Facility of Your Choice

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Location: 2028 Stafford Rd. Plainfield, Indiana, 46168.
Approx. 15 min. Southwest of Downtown Indianapolis:
(Just off 70 W or 465 S/W).
Call or Text (317)-439-7728.

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Nursing Programs

Indiana Nursing Academy Gives You Choices: Online or Traditional Classes, Clinical Options, Extra Lab Practices. 

Located in Our Home State of Indiana!

We are Working Tirelessly to Offer Financial Plans; Contact Us to Learn How We Can Help You. 

Our instructors are Nurses and Understand Training Programs can be Very Demanding; That’s Why We’re Providing Curriculum to be Completed on “Your Time”!  (See further details on each program’s page).

We Want You to Succeed! 

About Indiana Nursing Academy

CNA Classes,  QMA Classes,  and  Insulin Administration  Available Now.
Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy Programs Coming Soon. 

Indiana Nursing Academy Provides Hands-On Training, One-on-One Patient Interactions, and Online Curriculum that Encourages Critical Thinking Skills. 
Our Trained instructors are Active Nurses; They will Guide You Through a Typical Day of what Your Job will Most Intel, while Providing the Tools Needed to Pass the State Exam.   
Don’t Start a New Career Feeling You Don’t Know What to Do.  Our instructors will Apply Time to Help You! Open-Lab Hours are Available for Additional Hands-On Practice! 

Indiana Nursing Academy Provides:
* Choices: Traditional Onsite  or  Online Classes  
   (Only the Classroom Portion is Offered Online; Clinicals are in-person at a Facility)
* Financial Plans
* A Comprehensive Lab
* Learning Materials
* Remediation Class-No Additional Charge 
* State Exam: First Attempt is Included in Tuition
* Job Placement Assistance

Click the Menu Tab above for All Training Program Options and Complete Details. 
Each Class Requires a Deposit with the Balance Completed by the Date Provided on the Training Program Page. 

QMA  (Age 18+):
Online (or In-Person) Classroom Portion: (6-Weeks)
One-Mandatory Onsite Lab Day: (Labs, Review, Final Exam). Located in Plainfield, IN.  
QMA Clinicals: (40-Hours) Completed with Your Current Employer at an approved Long-Term Care Facility.
Total Tuition Cost: $1,160
Visit the “QMA Training Program” Tab to View Schedules, Payment Plans, and Registration. 
Register with a Minimum Deposit of $200 (Deducted from the Total Tuition Cost). 
One on One Tutoring and Extra Lab Hours are Included with No Extra Cost.

CNA (Age 16+):
Online (or In-Person) Classroom Portion: (6 Days/30 Hours) This is the Coursework Portion of the CNA Training Program.  Complete This Portion Online or In-Person/Onsite – You choose. 
CNA Clinicals: (75 Hours) Completed with an Approved Facility of Your Choice or with Our Affiliated Clinical Site Located
 in Avon, IN.
Clinicals are In-Person for a Total of 75 Hours, requiring 2-3 Weeks Depending on the Clinical Schedule. 
Total Tuition Cost: $1,300
Visit the CNA Training Program to View Schedules, Payment Plans, and Registration.
Register with a Minimum Deposit of $400 (Deducted from the Total Tuition Cost). 

Open-Lab HoursStrongly Encouraged with 2 Medication Carts and Demo Drugs, 2 Nursing Manikins, Hoyer-Lift for Transfers, Treatment Materials, Centrifuge, Dummy Arm for Drawing Blood, and So Much More: Use of Equipment is Dependent to Your Program. 
Open-Lab is Strictly Your Choice to Use or Not.   You May Call to Schedule Lab Sessions.
Lab is Located On-Site at Indiana Nursing Academy
2028 Stafford Rd, Plainfield, IN 46168. (317) 439-7728.

Phlebotomy and Medical Assistant Training to Start Soon: Please Provide Your Information and We’ll Contact You When the Program of Choice is Ready to Go! Limited Seating.  Join the Waiting List Today! ** Special Offer of $300 OFF for Anyone on the Waiting List for Phlebotomy or MA Prior to Opening the First Registration! **

Always Talk to Your Facility about Possibly Paying for Your Tuition in Payments.

Grants, Loans, and Other Third-Party Lenders: Accepted as Long as Payment Schedules are Completed Before Sitting for the State Exam; Follow-up with Administration and Our Best Attempt will be Made to Work with the Lender or Grant.  

In-House Financing:  In-House Loan with Payments/No-Third Party (NO CREDIT CHECK/Call for Details).

Work-One Assistance: We’re Currently working to Accept Vouchers; Let us Know if You’re Interested in Work-One Vouchers.  
If You’d Like to Use another Assistance Program, Call Us with the Program Information.

100% Reimbursement: Receive 100% Reimbursement for Your CNA and QMA Training when You Become Employed After Starting the Program; Must be a Medicaid/Medicare Affiliated Facility, per Federal Law as Part of the NATCEP Program.  Reimbursement Covers 100% of Tuition. (Call (317) 439-7728 for more details). 

For Details, Read Federal Regulation 42 CFR 483.152(C)(1). 

We Will Strive to Find You Financial Assistance.


Working Directly with Patients is a Priceless Experience. If You’re Someone Interested in Becoming a Nurse, Physician, Pharmacist, etc., Direct Patient Care is a Great Place to Start!  You’ll Work Alongside Medical Professionals and Learn of Additional Career Paths that Might be of Interest to You! 

“Quitting IS NOT AN OPTION”… Repeat it, Hear it, and Succeed with it. 

Nursing Programs
man and woman sitting on chairs

Military Discount

As a Thank You for Serving Our Country, We’re Proud to Offer Active Military, Veterans, and Military Spouses, Sons, and Daughters a 10% Discount on the CNA Training Program.

Not Valid with Any Other Discount.   
Please email or bring documentation with you for discount. 

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