Financial Options

We Hope to Assist Everyone Interested!

Grants, Loans, and Other Third-Party Lenders: Accepted as Long as Payment Schedules are Met; Follow-up with Administration and Our Best Attempt will be made to Work with the Lender or Grant.

In-House Financing with Payment Plans:
Do You Need Weekly or Bi-Weekly Payments?
Smaller Payments?

Plans Start with 10% Interest.
$50 Administration Fee.

(No Credit Check Required).

You cannot sit for the state exam until Payments are Completed.

Work-One Assistance: We’re Currently Working to Accept Vouchers. Sign-Up Now and Inform Us Immediately of Your Desire to Use Work-One. If You’d Like to Use another Assistance Program, Call Us with the Program Information.

We Will Strive to Find You Financial Assistance!

Nursing Programs