Insulin Administration Training

Insulin Administration Training focuses on Diabetes Education and Insulin Administration. 

Would you like to Boost your Skills as a QMA and Stand-Out from the Competition?   With an Insulin Administration Certification, You Can! 

4-Hours of Online Classroom Education, 2-Hours of Hands-On Training in Plainfield, and 4-hours of Clinical Training at Your Approved Facility.  
Then, Sit for the State Exam at Ivy Tech! 

Tuition in Payments: $300 ($150 Due at Registration/Remaining Balance of $150 Due on the Day of the Hands-On Training in Plainfield). 

Tuition Includes: Learning Materials and One 25 Multiple Choice State Exam at Ivy Tech.

Current QMA Students: No Deposit Required.  Additional Cost is Added to Your Current Invoice and Paid in Full by the End of Your QMA Training Program.

Required Documents: Copy of CNA and QMA Certificate, Driver’s License or State ID, and Social Security Card.  Email to after Registration is complete. No QMA Certificate is Required if You are a QMA Student. Do Not Email Documents Already Provided for the QMA Program.

The QMA and Insulin State Exams may be scheduled together, but the QMA Exam must be successfully passed with a score of 80% before continuing to the Insulin Exam. 

Insulin Administration (2024)

July 10:  4pm-8pm Online Classroom Education.
July 13: Hands-On Training at Indiana Nursing Academy from 8am-10am.
Then complete 4 practicum (clinical) hours at your approved long-term care facility under the direct supervision of an RN.
Facility must complete the “Affiliated Clinical” form located at the bottom of the QMA Training Page–Click here.
You must already be an Indiana QMA in good standing on the Indiana State Registry or have completed the ISDH 100-Hr QMA Training Program within the past 10 months. 

Register Now/Before July 10

Insulin Administration

TBA : Online Classroom Education Provided 

TBA: Hands-On Training, 8am-10am
at Indiana Nursing Academy. 

Registration Not Yet Open for This Class

Insulin Administration

TBA: Online Classroom Education Provided 
TBA: Hands-On Training, 4pm – 6pm at Indiana Nursing Academy. 

Registration Not Yet Open for This Class