Welcome to our CNA Training Program!

Indiana Nursing Academy  Offers Both Online and Traditional CNA Classes! 
CNA Clinicals are Held at a Comprehensive Nursing Facility in Avon, IN. 
(If you already know of a qualifying facility you’d like to work with, you are able to complete your clinicals with that facility instead.  Contact us to learn how). 

What is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)?
A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is an Essential Member of the Medical Community, Working Directly with Patients and Nurses, Providing Basic and Complex Care. 
CNA’s Help Prevent Pneumonia, Wounds and Infections, and Aid in the Process of Rehabilitation after Surgery, Illness, or Acute Events such as Major Trauma or Stroke.

Our “Experienced Indiana Nurses” will Provide In-Depth CNA Training to Help You Succeed as a Knowledgeable CNA, Implementing Holistic Care, while Remaining within the CNA Scope of Practice.

An Extensive Lab Complete with Two Medical Training Manikins is Available to Students for Additional Practice of Clinical Skills. 
One State Exam, Books, Lab Time and Tutoring are Included in Tuition. 

Think About it – What is Better than Learning from a Nurse who was a CNA for 10+ Years?!

It’s Easy to Join!  Simply Click the REGISTER NOW tab to complete a Deposit and Reserve Your Spot.  Receive Your Books and Start Class on the Date Provided. 
Graduate and Start Your New Career!  But Don’t Stop There….  Join Our 8-Week QMA Training Program Next and Really See What You’re Capable Of! 

Please Note–Your Seat is NOT Reserved Until a Deposit is Received. 
 Ensure You Meet All Listed Requirements and Join!  The Application is for Informational Purposes Only and Not Required to Register Now. 

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All Classes are Non-Refundable: Limited Seats.
Registration will Close When No Further Spots are Available.

CNA Requirements

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 
Call/Text or Email.

* Age 16 or OlderNo High School Diploma or GED Required. 

* Copy of State ID or Driver’s License

* Basic Physical Examination and TB tests
Talk to your family physician or a walk-in clinic, CVS or Walgreens.
You may also check with the Indiana Department of Health.  
Previously obtained physical or TB is allowed if dated within 12 months of the first day of Class.

Note: The TB test is given Twice, for a total of Two-Results. The first skin test is administered, and then you’ll return approx. 72 hours later for a reading. Your physician will tell you when to return for the second test.  Please plan to have your TB results completed before the start of class.  Clinicals cannot start until two negative TB test results have been received.

* One Covid-19 Vaccine is required for ALL Students Completing Clinicals with us, in Avon, unless you have a qualified exemption. 

If you are choosing a facility to complete clinicals with, check with that facility to know if a Covid-19 vaccine is required. 

* State of Indiana Limited Criminal Background Check is Required and Completed by Indiana Nursing Academy.

CNA Training Schedules

TUITION INCLUDES: CNA Textbook, Workbook,
(1) State Exam, Free Tutoring/Remediation Class, &
Extra Lab Hours Upon Request
You Must Purchase Scrubs: Light Blue Color.

April 24, 2023

Traditional CNA Training Program with Clinicals in Avon
or at Your Approved Facility

April 24 – May 12

Week 1: Classroom Instruction
April 24- 28 (Mon.-Fri.)
8am – 1pm
at Indiana Nursing Academy
2028 Stafford R. Suite D
Plainfield, IN 46168

Week 2: Clinicals Start
Monday 7am-3pm
at Indiana Nursing Academy

Week 2 Continued:
(Clinicals in Avon or at Your Approved Facility)
Tues.- Fri. 7am-3pm

Week 3: Clinicals
(Clinicals in Avon or at Approved Facility)
Mon – Thurs. 7am-3pm
Friday 7am-3pm
Last Day Held at Indiana Nursing Academy

Full Tuition: $1300
Deposit $400

Remaining $900 is Due by May 26

Extended Payment Options Available
(In-House Agreement, No Credit Check,
No Third-Party, Call for Details)
Non-Refundable Class; Seats are Limited

February 27, 2023

3-Week CNA
Online Coursework with 
On-Site CLINICALS in Avon
or at Your Approved Facility

April 24 – May 12

Week 1: Online
April 24 – 28 (Mon.-Fri.)
8am – 1pm

{Everything from hereon is On-Site,
(In-Person) Not Online}

Week 2:
Monday 7am-3pm
at Indiana Nursing Academy:
2028 Stafford Rd, Suite D, Plainfield

Week 2 Continued: Clinicals
(Clinicals in Avon or at Your Facility)
Tues.- Fri. 7am-3pm

Week 3: Clinicals
(Clinicals in Avon or at Your Facility)
Mon – Thurs. 7am-3pm
Friday 7am-3pm
Last Day Held at Indiana Nursing Academy

Full Tuition: $1300
Deposit $400
Remaining $900 is Due By May 26

Extended Payment Options Available
(In-House Agreement, No Credit Check,
No Third-Party, Call for Details)
Non-Refundable Class; Seats are Limited

April 29, 2023

Weekend CNA Training Program
(7 Weekends/14 Days)

April 29 – July 02
8-Hour Days, Saturdays and Sundays with Every Third Weekend Off.
No Training on the Following Weekends
May 13/14, June 03/04, June 24/25

Week 1 and 2 Classroom Training
April 29/30 & May 06/07
Sat. and Sun. 7am-3pm

Classroom Instruction In-Person at Indiana Nursing Academy or Choose to Participate Online
(2028 Stafford Rd, Suite D, Plainfield)

Week 3: Saturday,
 May 20, 7am-3pm
 Everyone Onsite at
Indiana Nursing Academy
for In-Class Clinical Training

May 21 , 27/28, June 10/11, 17/18. July 01
Start Clinicals: 7am-3pm
Train with us in Avon or Use Your Facility.
Clinical days and hours are decided between you and your approved facility but Must be completed by July 01.
Facility Must Complete the Affiliated Facility Form – Scroll Below to Download the Form.

Sunday July 02
Everyone Onsite at School for Final Day

 Full Tuition: $1750
Deposit $500
Remaining $1350 is
Due By July 02.

Spots are Limited. Class is Only Refundable if Indiana Nursing Academy Cancels the Weekend Training Program.

CNA Course Documents

Be Sure to Look Over the Requirements Listed Above. 
No Highschool Diploma or GED is Needed for the CNA Course.   
Our Clinical Site Does REQUIRE Covid-19 Vaccine Documents. 

Please Email Documents Along with a State ID or Drivers License to: Admin@indiananursingacademy.com 

Entrance Exam

Click on the Logo to Open Files. Exam Must be Completed By the First Day of Class. 

Physical & TB Request

Must be Dated within last 12 Months; You can use a physical from a Past employer as long as it’s dated within the past 12-Months of the First Day of Class.

Affiliated Clinical Contract

This is for Students Opting to Use a Facility of Their Choice to Complete Clinicals. This Form MUST be Signed by the Facility and Returned 5-Days Before Class Starts

Eye contact.

“CNA Financing”

We Hope to Assist Everyone with Affording CNA Classes.  Call/Text Needs. 

Grants, Loans, and Other Third-Party Lenders: Accepted as Long as Payment Schedules are Met; Follow-up with Administration and Our Best Attempt will be made to Work with the Lender or Grant.

We Provide In-House Financing with Payment Plans:
Do you need payments that fit your budget? 
Contact us to learn how we can do that for you. 
Payment for the class Must be paid in full before sitting for the State Exam Unless a payment agreement contract is completed. 
Payment Agreements Must be Completed Before the Start of Class as Only a Few Seats are Available for this type of payment plan. 
$50 Administration Fee.
(No Credit Check Required). 
You cannot sit for the state exam until Payment is Complete Unless You Have a Payment Contract Describing Otherwise.

Work-One Assistance: We’re Currently Working to Accept Vouchers. Sign-Up Now and Inform Us Immediately of Your Desire to Use Work-One. If You’d Like to Use another Assistance Program, Call Us with the Program Information.

We Will Strive to Find You Financial Assistance!


100% Reimbursement

100% Reimbursement for CNA and QMA

Employer Must Provide 100% Reimbursement for Your CNA and QMA Training when You Become Employed After Starting the Program.

Federal regulation at 42 CFR 483.152(c)(1) states that “No nurse aide who is employed by, or who has received an offer of employment from, a facility on the date on which the aide begins a nurse aide training and competency evaluation program may be charged for any portion of the program (including any fees for textbooks or other required course materials).”(Call (317) 439-7728 for more details).

For Details, Read Federal Regulation 42 CFR 483.152(C)(1). Only Medicaid and Medicare Facilities are Required by Law to Reimburse You; Typically Nursing Homes.

We are Willing to Contact Your Choice of Employer and Attempt to Negotiate a Contract of Reimbursement for You if Not a Medicaid/Medicare Affiliated Employer.